Study: Your Gut Bacteria May Prevent Cancer

Study: Good Gut Bacteria May Prevent Cancers & Other Diseases

Researchers are finding good gut bacteria may prevent cancers, obesity, and other diseases. Recently, a trial study by the Univ. of California in Los Angeles reveals using this positive bacterium can aid in prevention.

Promising News

PLOS ONE recently released the study information which offers promising news. Healthy bacteria in the gut aids the body in the prevention of inflammation which is related to the occurrence of some cancers and diseases.

Prescribing Specific Probiotics

Physicians may soon be able to analyze the levels of bacteria which exist in an individual’s intestine along with determining the types present. Specific probiotics can then be prescribed to the patient based on their individual needs, according to the Professor of Pathology.

Good Versus Bad

The intestine holds good bacteria as well as bad. The good bacteria offer natural anti-inflammatory properties while the bad actually promote inflammation. Interestingly, the body holds approximately ten trillion bacterial cells. This is ten times the number of human cells contained within the body.

Lactobacillus Jonshonii 456

During the study, Lactobacillus Jonshonii 456 was isolated by the scientists. This healthy bacterium is one of the most abundant. The strain of bacteria is used to create yogurt and also is used in medical applications. Furthermore, within the research study, the specific strain was found to decrease inflammation.

Inflammation plays a key role in many different diseases. It is known to be related to cancers, heart diseases, arthritis as well as the aging process. Previous studies relate inflammation with specific cancers while the current study demonstrates how the microbiota can delay cancers.

Gut Microbiota Influence

During the research study, two different groups of mice were used. Each group held precise mutations, and both were susceptible to specific neurological disorders which create a high manifestation of cancers. Group one received only healthy bacteria. Group two received a mix of healthy and bad bacteria during the trial. Urine and feces samples were taken on each group. Surprisingly, lymphoma took much longer to produce in group one as compared to group two.

Metabolites are created by the gut’s natural metabolic action. Group one produced metabolites which are found to prevent cancers. This group of mice also lived four times longer and held less damage (as a result of inflammation) than group two.

Decreasing Cancers in the Future

Decreasing cancers in the future via the use of specific probiotics is promising news. By aiding the gut microbiota in a natural manner, tumor and cancer incidence will likely lessen within the general population.

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  1. Richard says:

    Fermented Green Supreme food powder, does it contain enough of the good Bacteria each day or do I still need more good bacteria. If I do need additional good bacteria, then please give me a suggestion.

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