Study Shows Sleep Quality Is Negatively Affected By This

Sleeping is an important quality which affects life negatively, or positively. When individuals do not spend enough time in deep sleep, health can be impacted. Recent studies find individuals with extra weight on the body spend more time in REM sleep stages.

Stages of Sleep

During sleeping cycles, the body will enter REM and non-REM sleep cycles. During REM, the individual will have rapid eye movement and typically have dreams. When an individual enters non-REM sleep, the body will go through three stages with the final stage of deep sleep. During this time of deep sleeping, the body is repairing and re-growing tissues, bones, muscle, as well as strengthening the immune system (WebMD).

Health Impacts

Individuals who do not spend adequate time in non-REM deep sleep cycles can be impacted negatively. Recent research at Perelman School of Medicine included thirty-six (36) adults during a sleep study. Physiological changes during the sleep periods were recorded.

The results of the study reviewed the possible impact body mass index, fat percentage, and resting energy expenditures might have on the body. There was no correlation found with these factors as it relates to sleeping quality.

The researchers did find adults who were overweight spend additional time in REM stages of sleep. During this time of REM, the individuals also exhibited increased heart rates, faster breathing, and less curative sleep as compared to those of normal weight.

More Prone to Weight Gain

Previous studies from the same research group found individuals who went to bed later at night, or who had the chronic restriction of sleep, were more prone to weight gain. The studies also found individuals who eat less late at night held greater concentration and alertness levels. Protein intake may also have an effect on sleep cycles, but further investigation is needed in this area.

Aging & Sleeping

According to WebMD experts, individuals who are older tend not to sleep as well and for shorter periods. This can possibly be linked to the increased aging process. Further studies are needed in the area of sleep research and how it impacts the body overall. Gaining a sufficient amount of deep sleep can increase the quality of life for the young and old.

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