Study: An Unhealthy Gut Can Affect This Organ’s Health

Antibiotics are routinely prescribed for a variety of ailments, and this can negatively affect one’s brain health. Stronger prescriptions can destroy healthy gut flora which provides protection for the body. When the gut flora becomes imbalanced, this can impact memory and the growth of new brain cells.

The Hippocampus is a portion of the brain which is involved in long-term memory and bodily functions. A specific type of white blood cell seems to communicate between the brain, gut, and immune system as shown in recent research results published in Cell Reports.

According to Wolf, the lead researcher, prolonged treatment with antibiotics impact brain function. She also noted adding regular exercise and daily probiotic therapy provides a true treatment option to those on long-term antibiotic treatment. Adverse side effects from taking antibiotics can be reversed which is wonderful news.

Unhealthy Gut, Unhealthy Results

During this specific research study, mice were given enough antibiotics to become nearly free of natural probiotics (healthy flora) in the gut. This condition delivered negative results in memory function, loss of new brain cell production, and the lower creation of monocytes. Monocytes marked with Ly6Chi were lower in quantity in the brain, bone marrow, and blood.

The research team further investigated lower levels of Ly6Chi due to other causes and found similar physical deficits. When Ly6Chi levels were replaced in the mice treated with antibiotics, memory and brain cell production increased. The reversal of symptoms provides promising news.

Future Hope with Probiotic Treatments

Brain research has made the connection between the healthy gut and a healthy brain. More clinical trials are needed to investigate other areas where probiotic treatments can improve health in patients with brain-related disorders. Additional measurement of outcomes will provide further details in benefits of probiotic therapeutic treatments for patients.

Natural Probiotic Benefits for Today

Although much research is needed for probiotic therapy, individuals can gain benefits with a healthy balance of good gut flora. This can be maintained through adding foods, or supplements, containing probiotics. A healthy maintenance program will allow the body to function as it is “created to function.”

Brain health is just one area in which adding probiotics can provide health benefits. Individuals with eczema see improvements in the skin while adding these supplements. According to WebMD, patients with the following challenges can also benefit from adding a natural probiotic routine: irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, and oral health complaints.


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