Research Reveals This Fruit Lowers Risk Of Dementia

Research reveals consuming blueberries significantly add to brain health, more specifically for those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. This superfood holds many other health benefits including antioxidants, stress relieving properties, and they are rich in Vitamin C.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s

One individual is diagnosed with dementia, or Alzheimer’s, every three seconds. In one day 28,800 individuals are identified with one of these diseases which is staggering. In the US, nearly five and a half million people are living with Alzheimer’s.

Steps to Prevention

Dementia starts in the brain up to fifty years before symptoms begin to appear. Steps to prevention are very crucial to overcoming this quickly evolving disease process. The Recent research took place at the University of Cincinnati which included close to fifty people who were at least 68 years of age. These individuals held a diagnosis of mild levels of impairment cognitively which may/may not develop into dementia.

During the research study, participants in group one were provided a blueberry powder. Group two were given a placebo. Group one displayed great improvement in their cognitive functions. Brain scan results also supported the changes revealed.

According to researchers, individuals more than likely benefited from the anthocyanins found in the blueberries (which provides its deep purple color). The scientists also noted the compound helps the brain to reduce inflammation which provides greater blood flow. In turn, this process simplifies cellular communication within the brain, improving cognition.

Further Studies Planned

Current studies are consistent with previous studies similar in nature while reviewing study results. Further studies are planned by the group of researchers with a focus on individuals in the 50s or 60s age range who are at greater risk of developing these diseases.

Diet-Based Approach

More importantly, the team of researchers strongly recommend taking a diet-based approach to increase the capacity of the brain, improving overall cognitive function. Adding blueberries to the diet is one simple way to improve overall health.



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