Study: Just 10 Days After Removing this From Your Diet Shows Dramatic Health Improvement

Excessive sugar is destroying children’s lives.

Children Eating Candy

Children Eating Candy

Chronic health issues related to metabolic disease in children is a common, growing concern within the medical community. A few of the areas of concern include cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure changes in the younger generation. Sugar intake is a huge concern among professionals within this age group.

Recent Studies

Studies at the Univ. of California in conjunction with research taking place at Touro Univ. are offering promising insights into sugar consumption. The universities are reporting lower cholesterol levels as well as improved blood pressures in children simply through the reduction of sugar intake. The improvements are being seen as quickly as ten days’ time.

Metabolically Harmful

Information gained within the research shows the true harm sugar is doing to the body. According to Dr. R. Lustig, the harmfulness is not based on the calorie content of sugar, nor because one loses weight by consuming less sugar. The data is showing sugar “in and of itself” is harmful for the body metabolically.

Schawarz, Touro Univ., is amazed at the difference even ten days of time makes in the health of individuals within the study. The end results are being seen across the board consistently within the research subjects. She also fully supports the need for the parents to take a serious look at the sugar consumption of their children; it is vitally important to optimal health.

Metabolic Syndromes Explained

Metabolic Syndromes are considered a “cluster” of conditions which include higher glucose (sugar) levels within the blood, increase in higher blood pressure readings, and more fat seen around the middle (waist) of the body. Typically, higher cholesterol levels are also seen in patients with metabolic syndromes. These conditions occur at the same time and provide increased health risks for the individuals.

Individuals who exhibit these symptoms are at an increased risk of developing heart disease as well as diabetes. They are more likely to have a stroke and suffer from fatty disease of the liver.

WATCH Assessments

The Univ. of California identified individuals through the “Weight Assessments for Teen & Children Health Clinic” in the San Francisco area. The clinic did not target weight loss through their research program, rather metabolic dysfunctions. Recruiting for the program of study was limited to those with Latino background as well as those who were African American.

The youth involved within the study were between ages of nine and eighteen (9-18). Each also held at least one of the markers (symptoms) for metabolic syndrome. Food was provided to the participants for nine consecutive days which included meals, snacks, and drinks. The amount of sugar provided in the foods were restricted during the study and replaced with starch. Blood tests were taken before the study as well as after the conclusion of nine days with controlled fructose intake.

Assessment Results

By decreasing the sugar intake from twenty-eight percent to ten percent for this short period of time, nearly every part of the individuals’ health profiles improved. The participants did not see any changes in weight due to no calorie intake changes during the assessment period.

Overall, the average blood pressure lowered by five millimeters, triglyceride levels lowered by thirty-three points, and bad cholesterol went down by ten points. Liver functions in the youth were improved and blood sugar levels decreased by approximately thirty-three percent in all participants.

Amazing Results with One Simple Change

Making one simple change in the diets of children can create amazing health results. Being more mindful of what children are eating, as it relates to the amount of sugar content, can provide better health for a lifetime to come!


  1. Tu tran says:

    What an excellent article. Thanks so much

  2. Geralyn says:

    After becoming more educated about nutrition, healthful foods, and the present condition our food is in, I am convinced that high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners and GMO, are major factors concerning health problems. I believe that if these ingredients are discontinued being put into our food, we would see a significant improvement in health, including children’s health. Many people do not realize the serious affect these additives have on health

  3. Sue Ellen Pierce says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for sharing.
    Your input helps to improve lives :)

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