Preparing for Coronavirus? 2 Immune-Boosting Recipes

It’s never a bad time to increase immune-boosting foods and ingredients. In fact, most immune boosters can help you fight viruses, harmful bacteria, and allergens.

And now, with increasing concern about Coronavirus in the United States, it’s a great time to make immune-boosting recipes as part of your daily menu.

Here are 2 potent Immune-Boosting recipes to use every day.

1. Immune-Boosting Keto Zone Golden Milk Shake or Latte



  1. Place all ingredients in a blender, shaker bottle, or mason jar.
  2. Blend, whisk or shake well.
  3. Enjoy!

Or, serve warm! Warm coconut milk on the stovetop. Add all other ingredients excluding ice. Stir and continue to heat until warmed through.

Nutrition info: 310 calories, 26 grams fat, 4 grams net carbs (11 grams carbs, 7 grams fiber), 12 grams protein

Immune-Boosting Ingredients

This recipe focusing on anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and other therapeutic components for immune-boosting action.

The main immune-boosting components are:

Turmeric and Ginger. Turmeric is a spice derived from the ginger root family and contains a strong compound called curcumin. Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory food with antioxidant properties that provide many health benefits. Ginger has similar functions. In fact, it relieves joint pain while promoting whole-body health. Ginger also has strong antioxidants.

Why reduce inflammation for immune-boosting? Inflammation significantly affects the immune system. Anti-inflammatory foods fight inflammation (1) and boost immune response (2).

Collagen and Probiotics. Type II collagen boosts the immune function and can decrease virus action in the body. What’s more, healthy gut bacteria (probiotics) are extremely important to the immune system. When they are lacking, the immune system suffers. When they thrive, the immune system improves (3).

And, of course, Keto Zone MCT Oil, cinnamon, and black pepper all promote whole-body health and strength.

2. Immune-Boosting Keto Zone Berry Green Smoothie



  1. Place all ingredients except sweetener, water, and ice in a blender and blend well.
  2. Add sweetener, ice, and water to taste and texture preference.
  3. Enjoy!

Nutrition info: 276 calories, 18 grams fat, 7 grams net carbs (14 grams carbs, 7 grams fiber), 14 grams protein

Immune-Boosting Ingredients

In addition to the collagen and probiotics in our first recipe, our Keto Zone Immune-Boosting Smoothie offers:

Antioxidants. Spinach, blueberries, and Divine Health Supreme Foods are loaded with antioxidants, which promote whole-body health and boost immune function. A great way to add immune-boosting antioxidants on Keto Zone is through Divine Health Fermented Green Supremefood and Organic Red Supremefood.

Supremefoods powders are loaded with antioxidants. They contain:

  • Beets: Beets contain betanins that contribute to three main disease-fighting actions: fighting free radicals, reducing inflammation, and supporting cellular detoxification (4, 5).
  • Spirulina: Spirulina has been found to improve immune functions and anemia status (6).
  • Fermented Wheatgrass: Proteins found in wheatgrass are known to prevent many diseases, oxidative stress, primary metabolism, storage, and energy-related mechanisms (7).

Apple Cider Vinegar. In addition, organic apple cider vinegar has been used for years in folk medicine, and now mainstream medicine, as a remedy for cold viruses, sinus infections, and more.

Bottom Line

It’s always a good time to use immune-boosting nutrition, and right now it’s urgent. Keep your immune system going strong with the potent ingredients in our Immune-Boosting recipes.

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