Plant Protein Linked To Lower Death Rate & Animal Protein To…

Plant Protein linked to lower death rate & animal protein to higher death rate. Recently, a large-scale study was published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal showing increased animal protein intake relates to increased mortality risk. The main focus of the study included the intake of processed and unprocessed red meats. The comparison was made to the intake of plant proteins which also revealed associations with decreased mortality rates in individuals.

Choice of Protein is Important to Health

Researchers find the type of protein eaten is important to good health. Past studies focused on the amount of protein intake, while this long-term study focused on the type of protein consumed. Dr. Song strongly encourages changes in the current dietary standards to include plant proteins for long-term health.

Comprehensive Health Data

Comprehensive health data of over one-hundred-seventy-thousand (170,000) individuals were analyzed in the current study. Information was taken from the Nurses’ Health Study (also known as NHS), and the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study (also known as HPFS). Participants were provided with health surveys (overall health) every two years. They also were given surveys related to dietary intake every four years which included questions related to protein intake (animal protein, plant protein). The health data accumulated over a period of 25-30 years’ time.

Research Study Results

Careful analysis of the comprehensive health data revealed an increased risk of mortality rate in individuals who ate red meats and who held at least one unhealthy lifestyle risk factor (obesity, underweight, smoke, low physical activity, and increased alcohol consumption). No relationship to increased risk of death was found with specifically consuming fish or poultry.

Choosing the Healthiest Lifestyle

Surprisingly, Dr. Song found individuals living the healthiest lifestyle to have no association with increased mortality rate. He assumed the risks would be lower, but not completely disappear.

Those who lead less healthy lifestyles tend to consume more red meats, pork, eggs, and higher fat dairy products. Those choosing the healthiest lifestyle consumed more fish and poultry within the animal protein category.

For even greater benefits, it is highly recommended by Dr. Song and his research team to add more plant proteins choices to the diet on a regular basis. Eliminating processed and unprocessed red meats will definitely improve overall health while increasing lifespan.


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  1. This was an interesting read. You always send us wholesome articles that challenges me to do right with my body

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    thank you for your wonderful articles God s blessings to you and your family

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    Thank Dr. Colbert. Your publications encourage me to live a disciplined lifestyle. God bless you.

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    This was an interesting read. The foods we eat really affect out overall health, and I am recently working on changing my diet and eating schedule.

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