New Study: Processed Meats Cause Cancer

The World Health Organization (WHO) has taken a very strong stand against the consumption of processed meats. Red meats are also included in the “probably related to cancer” category. A recent study by the health group states these items are dangerous for one’s health and are related to the development of cancers, specifically within the colon-rectal region.

Processed Meats Cause Cancer

Processed Meats Cause Cancer

This new report is considered to be the most prominent stand taken toward the “group of processed foods” by an influential medical organization.

So, how did the WHO come up with the boldness to proclaim these meats are considered carcinogenic (producing cancer)? A panel group of twenty-two members reviewed research findings within animal studies, human studies, and scientific processes. The experts’ panel is raising much concern over the debate, although all the members did not fully agree to the findings.

Comparing Processed Meats to Cigarettes

The WHO research panel took time to compare the risks of eating processed food items along with smoking cigarettes. In this way, the risks could be presented in numbers to the public. Conferring to the information presented by the group, eating three and one-half ounce of red meats each day can increase the potential of the individual developing colon-rectal cancer by 17%. If the individual adds approximately two more ounces daily, then the percentage of increase goes to eighteen (%).

Although the risk seems small in nature, Kurt Straif of the health commission suggests the world impact to be much greater. The increase and spread of cancer to a worldwide avenue could bring major implications. Currently, the cancer deaths related to eating highly processed meats is approximately thirty-four thousand (34K) yearly. This statistic is based on a worldwide figure and not just locally related to the U.S.

What Do Other Health Groups Say?

In comparison to the recent findings by WHO, the American Cancer Society (ACS) is not as resounding to the public. They have stated there is a potential link to an increase in cancer rates for those who eat red meat on a regular basis, but they have not spoken the words of “This will cause cancer.”

The ACS understands there are many other variables involved within the process of developing or preventing cancers. They stand by encouraging Americans to eat lean proteins within a healthy dietary regime. They also encourage eating many fruits and vegetables on a daily basis to promote health.

How Much is Safe to Chew?

Although, the WHO has provided a strong stand on not eating processed meats, as well as any form of “red meat” (beef, lamb, veal, pork, goat, mutton), no indications have been given on a “safe amount” to be eaten. There is not enough data to provide this method of information to the public.

A percentage of Americans will listen to the voice of the “WHO” and go vegetarian to be on the safe side of health. Other Americans who love their bacon and smoked meats will more than likely “fight to the end” not giving up any of their favorite choice processed meats.

Where do I stand on this topic?

Back in 2010, I stated in my book The Bible Cure for Cancer the link between consuming processed meats and the increased risk of cancer. So this study was not a surprise to me. I recommend eating lean meats (chicken, turkey) and limiting red meat consumption to once a week or even once every other week.

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