New Study Links Successful Aging to This

Many individuals understand dietary fiber is needed to regulate the bowels. But, now a surprising discovery is revealed through recent research studies. In an Australian study, eating sufficient dietary fiber is tied to decreased amounts of disease and disabilities in the older generation.

Blue Mountains Eye Study

The Blue Mountains Eye Study is a population-based study with more than fifteen hundred individuals who are at least fifty years old. Researchers during the study explored the relationship between carbs and the aging process.

In observing successful aging mechanisms, the researchers found each factor they explored related to the decrease in aging and lowered disabilities. The factors reviewed during the process include total carbs consumed, regular fiber intake, sugar consumption, glycemic index, and glycemic load.

The Biggest Difference

Scientists from Westmead Inst. For Med. The research found the biggest difference within the study comes from the intake of fiber. The more sufficient and consistent a participant’s intake of dietary fiber, the better quality of life. The benefits gained include: lowered or diminished depression, the absence of disabilities, improved cognition, lessened respiratory issues, and the diminished presence of chronic diseases (cancers, strokes, coronary disease).

As stated in the Journals of Gerontology, further investigation is definitely warranted in this area of study. The results presented were a significant finding, and supplementary research is needed.

Living a Long & Healthy Life

Significantly, participants who consumed the highest intake of dietary fiber were nearly eighty percent (80%) more likely to live a longer and healthier life over a period of ten (10) years. The potential challenges of high blood pressure, dementia, blood sugar issues, states of depression, and purposeful disabilities were less probable in the study participants as compared to the general population.

Further Explorations

Further explorations are needed in studying the relationship between dietary fiber and successful aging. The important note to consider today is the overall diet impacts the healthy aging process. Eating healthy is a choice which can bring renewed life to the body even during the golden years.


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