New Study Finds This Diet Most Effective For Weight Loss

Recently, a study conducted at Aberdeen’s Rowett Research Institute reveals a diet higher in protein with lower carb intake is the most effective for weight loss (at least for a period of time). Individuals following a diet consisting of one-third protein energy with only a small number of carbs also benefited from reduced hunger during the term.

Two Different Diets

During the case study, two different groups of men were placed on two different diets. Both groups followed a diet plan with thirty percent (30%) protein intake. One group added only four percent (4%) carbs, while the second group included thirty-five percent (35%) carbs.

Weight loss data during the study reveals the group on the lower carb intake lost nearly fourteen pounds in two weeks. The second group only lost nine pounds on average within the same time period. Dr. Johnstone noted in his report all participants included in the study found the diet they were following to be pleasant.

Appetite Suppressing Ketone Bodies

Ketone bodies are considered appetite suppressors. After a short amount of time, participants on the high protein – lower carb diet lost weight as their bodies switched to using ketone bodies as fuel. In the beginning, the body relied on glucose fuels.

Eating higher amounts of protein allow individuals to feel full longer, while the psychological mechanism of using ketone bodies produces a “satisfying” effect on the brain. Within the study, group one individuals (low carb) became ketogenic within the first two days.

Low Carb Diet Drawbacks

Previous research by Dr. Johnstone revealed low carb diets could have serious health consequences as it relates to the health of the gut. The lowered intake of carbs can result in a decrease of certain types of bacteria in the intestines. Therefore, further investigation is needed in dietary changes similar to the current study (high protein – low carb).


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  1. Joe Green says:

    It works. I dropped 60 pounds in ketosis. Have kept it off also.

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