New Study Finds Link Between Dietary Fiber and Breast Cancer

Breast cancer ranks as the second cause of death in females in the United States. Researchers work to find answers to this debilitating disease plaguing women and devastating their lives. One large-scale study shows a strong indication of the influence of dietary fiber in the diet as it relates to breast cancer development.

New Study Finds Link Between Dietary Fiber and Breast Cancer

Research evidence points toward eating enough high fiber foods during adolescence into adulthood can significantly add protection against the development of breast cancers. The large study provides strong evidence the risk of developing the disease was far less in these women.

Maryam Farvid, Harvard Scientist, suggests nutrition plays an important factor in premenopausal cancers of the breast. The large research study included over 95,000 women over an extensive number of years. Information was collected concerning nutrition during the high school years. Participants were followed and required to submit periodic food intake diaries during the study.

The risk of developing breast cancer was 12-19% lower in those who consumed more dietary fiber during their young adulthood years. This group of women was also at lower risk of having breast cancer before menopause by 24%. The main cause attributes to increased fiber intake which decreases levels of estrogen in the blood. High estrogen levels are known to cause breast cancer disease.

Other studies reveal sound nutritional food choices during childhood can decrease chances of future cancers. Professors at Harvard suggest breast tissue is highly influenced during childhood and adolescence. The tissues can hold carcinogens (cancer causing agents) and anti-carcinogens alike.

According to the research professors, the best options for adding fiber to the diet come from fruit fibers and vegetable fibers. Adding a variety of fruits and veggies throughout the day is a great way to increase natural health benefits for the body. Including ten extra grams of fiber per day can reduce breast cancer risk by 13% as shown in the Harvard study.




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