New Study: Daily Consumption of Beetroot Juice Lowers Blood Pressure

Recent studies at Wake Forest Baptist Medical show consuming beetroot juice on a daily basis can lower blood pressure as well as improve endurance levels during exercise. The medical release was published recently in the Journal of American College of Cardiology – Heart Failure. The research team also found no side effects with the specific intervention method used for the heart patients.

Heart Failure with Shortness of Breath

Heart failure (with preserved ejection fraction), also recognized as HFPEF, carries symptoms including shortness of breath and fatigue. This medical condition also involves reduced oxygen delivery to the skeletal muscles which are active in the body. The condition occurs mostly in older women and is considered a leading form of heart failure. Unfortunately, HFPEF is also rapidly increasing in America.

Developing Evidence

Developing evidence suggests including an intake of inorganic nitrate supplementation provides positive health benefits for the individual. This evidence includes lower blood pressure, improved health of blood vessels, increased exercise capacity, and greater oxygen metabolism.

Research Study Process & Results

Nineteen (19) people were enrolled in the research study conducted at Wake Forest Baptist. The main purpose of the study was to determine if taking a single dose of beetroot juice improved exercise endurance as compared to a daily dosage over a period of days.

The group of patients who received a daily dose of juice which contained 6 millimoles of inorganic nitrate increased exercise endurance by nearly one-fourth, or twenty-five percent (25%) after the first seven days. The group of individuals receiving the one dose of juice in the beginning of the study did not have any improvements. Another significant finding within the study is patients in both groups held decreased resting systolic blood pressure readings.

Improved Quality of Life

Patients with heart conditions, including HFPEF, can see physical improvements while exercising and gain lower blood pressure by including a daily dose of beetroot juice. The natural option can provide a therapeutic result and allow patients to enjoy a better quality of life, according to Dr. Kitzman at Wake Forest Baptist.



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