Natural Ginger Shows Promise for Migraine Sufferers

Migraines plague over thirty-seven (37) million people each year. Sufferers range in age from fifteen to approximately fifty-five, as noted by the Natl. Headache Foundation (NHF). Surprisingly, three-fourths of sufferers have relatives with migraines.

Ginger Clears Headaches

Ginger Clears Headaches

Ginger is being used to help migraine sufferers abroad. The flower plant holds a small amount of antihistamine qualities as well as helps with inflammation. Ginger is also being used in cancer treatments although more scientific studies are needed to fully understand benefits.

NHF speaks of a certain Denmark individual who added around 600 milligrams of powdered ginger to water at the onset of migraines. After drinking the solution, symptoms of the headache were minimized within one half hour. NHF agrees more research is needed to provide evidence to the effectiveness of using ginger to relieve headaches.

Symptoms & Causes

Migraines can create horrible symptoms for many individuals. They can vary in intensity creating pain on either side of the head, or both. The addition of physical activity can trigger a migraine in specific individuals. Vomiting is also not uncommon for those searching for relief.

In looking at causes of migraines, there are many possible factors. Fatigue can trigger migraines, as well as other stressors in life. Food allergies are also a possible trigger along with changes within the hormone levels of the body.

Dr. Oz Provides Insights

Dr. Oz provides some insights into the positives of using natural ginger for headache relief. He has reviewed studies and feels the use of ginger can help to shorten muscle pains, body aches, aid with migraines, and the ginger works naturally against inflammations.

Ginger can be utilized in a variety of ways by those individuals who have migraines. Fresh, grated product can be added to boiling water, followed by allowing it to cool (to drink). The existing vapors can be inhaled providing relief to the individual. Another option is creating a ginger paste to place on the forehead and temples. The paste can be created by using a dry powdered form of ginger mixed with lukewarm water.

A natural homemade gingered ale also offers another option to family members. The solution can be quickly created with very little effort. Items can be kept on hand for times of need.

Natural Home Made Gingered Ale Recipe

Ingredients Needed:

4 c water

1 c ginger, peeled & grated

1 tsp honey raw

Carbonated water, sparkle

2 limes, juiced

Prepare four (4) c of water to near boiling. Add prepared ginger while lowering heat cycle to simmer for approximately five (5) minutes. Strain mixture. Use liquid to add to sparkle water, lime, and the honey to preferred taste.

Remember: Always consult your physician regarding diseases and ailments.

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