12 Tips to Age Gracefully & Have Radiant Skin

Aging skin is one of the worst parts about getting older. The skin starts to lose color, vibrancy, and even have less elasticity as we get older. There are many lifestyle factors that will determine how quickly one ages. These include the use of topical skin products, sun exposure, diet, accumulation of toxins, mindset and more.

How to Have Healthy Skin

How to Have Healthy Skin

If you hope to have radiant skin and age with grace then it is important that you learn how to care for yourself both externally and internally. These are some skin tips that will help to ensure that you do that.

Have a Diet That is Made of at least 80% Raw Produce

It is a fundamental requirement that one consumes whole nutritious fruits and vegetables that are clean. These foods help to slow down the oxidation process in the body which is necessary to slow aging. This is due to the nutrients that are obtained from these foods. These are full of antioxidants, nutrients, and cleansing.

The best way to get started is to eat a healthy salad and a smoothie each and every day. It is going to take between 30 and 60 days before you start to see any results.

Be Well Hydrated

One of the best ways to keep your skin looking young is to make sure that you are well hydrated. Since our bodies are made up of about 70% water this makes a lot of sense. Plus when you drink more water it helps flush the toxins out of your body.

It is important to realize that the type of water that you drink is important. You should be drinking water that has been purified & alkalized with a filter that is reputable or spring water. This is important so that you are not reabsorbing toxins from the water supply that you are drinking. A good average on how much water to drink is to drink one glass of water for every 20 lbs of what you weigh.

Exfoliation & Sweating are Key

It is really important if you want healthy skin that you are able to keep your pores open and keep them from being clogged. The things that you do not want stuck in your skin are petroleum based products, dirt, and oils. Plus when you exfoliate you eliminate the layer of dead skin cells that make your skin look dull. This will speed up the regeneration process so you have more new skin cells. Plus it helps your skin absorb the anti-aging products that you are using.

In addition to exfoliation, sweating is key in having healthy skin. There are many ways that you can help to induce sweat. These include exercising, saunas, and hot baths. Exfoliation can be done with natural skin care products, loofahs, and dry brushes.

Eat the Right Nutrients

Eating at least 80% raw produce is very important but so is focusing on the right nutrients. You want to make sure that you consume the ones that are known for keeping the skin young and healthy.

Vitamin A

Many people who have dry skin do not realize that eating foods with vitamin A can help to repair and maintain skin to keep it looking younger. There are many great natural food sources for vitamin A like spinach, sweet potatoes, apricots, fermented cod liver oil, carrots, kale, and cantaloupe.

Vitamin E

To reduce the appearance of wrinkles and effects that overexposure to the sun cause on the skin you need a power antioxidant like vitamin E. Vitamin E can help to soothe dry or rough skin when it has been applied to the skin. There are many great natural sources of vitamin E which include asparagus, prunes, almonds, cabbage, sunflower seeds, avocados, astaxanthin, and spinach.

Vitamin C

When the skin has been exposed to the sun excessively, has damage from free radicals, or has been exposed to pollution you need vitamin C. Damage from free radicals can cause your skin to lose elasticity and collagen which is going to cause premature aging and wrinkles. Consuming foods that are high in vitamin C like acerola cherries, kale, green peppers, red peppers, organges, guava, and camu camu are going to help repair these damages.

EFA’s for Skin Repairs

Omega 3 fatty acids are also known as essential fatty acids of EFAs and they are great for helping to improve the moisture content of skin, helping to make skin more flexible, and helping with skin repairs. It is not possible for the body to produce EFAs so you have to obtain these vital nutrients from the foods that you are eating. There are many great sources of omega 3’s like flax seeds (make sure that you are grinding them first to release the oils), hemp seeds, fish oilsl, and chia seeds.

Zinc Helps Skin Produce Oils

One of the most important things for healthy skin is to make sure that your skin is producing the right amount of oil and zinc can help with that. Zinc can also help to control some of the hormones that are responsible for acne. Eggs, pecans, oysters, pumpkin seeds, ginger, Brazil nuts, and oats are great sources of zinc.

Improve Elasticity with Selenium

You can prevent having damaged cells from free radicals, and improve the elasticity in the tissues of your skin by using the mineral selenium (which is a great antioxidant!). Brown rice, garlic, wheat germ, eggs, salmon, and Brazil nuts are all rich in selenium.

Improve Connective Tissues with Silica

Many people do not realize that one of the most neglected areas of the skin is the connective tissue and that is because the body does not get enough of the mineral silica. Your skin will not heal wounds as quickly if there is a deficiency in silica. Having enough silica will also improve the elasticity in the skin. You can find silica in a number of foods including asparagus, green beans, mango, strawberries, rhubarb, celery, cucumber, garbanzo beans, and leeks.

Additional Things to Consider

There are many additional things thaty ou can do to help reduce the sign of premature aging in your skin. Take the time to use sun protection all year long, limit stressors, avoid or at least cut back on processed foods, elminate skin products that contain toxins, limit your exposure to direct sunlight, avoid procsesed sugars, reduce your caffeine intake, reduce the amount of gluten in your diet, do not eat conventional meat products, and reduce the amount of alcohol that you drink if you want to have healthy and younger looking skin.

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    This information was very helpful. However, I thought I saw on tv where Dr. Colbert has some sort of cream or medication to help with skin that looks like crepe paper…?? I cannot find anything about this on the website. Please advise. Thanks!

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