This Herb is a Stress Buster

Golden Root also known as Rhodiola is a yellow, flowering plant which grows in mountainous regions all over the globe. Scientific studies have demonstrated that Golden Root contains properties which are positive mood enhancers and effectively combats stress.

Golden Root: Fountain of Youth

Golden Root: Fountain of Youth

It is said to increase cognitive functions such as memory, mental stability, and mental focus.

Most experts agree that the explanation for this is it increases brain neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin. Golden Root also believed to decrease COMT activity. COMT, or catechol-O-methyl transferase, is an enzyme produced by the body to break those neurotransmitters down. This plant has been recommended to treat stress and depression for many years in ancient traditional Asian Medicine. It was used by the indigenous peoples of Russia and Scandinavia for stress relief as well. Researchers have now found evidence that Golden Root can dramatically increase the life span of fruit flies. This amazing effect is at an average of 24%.

New Light shed on an Old Remedy

While researching Golden Root scientists discovered that this new found function is entirely unconnected to dietary restrictions. It does not affect the same molecular pathways as other methods. Dietary restriction has always been considered the best method of enhancing the lifespan of laboratory subjects. One of the most amazing aspects is that Golden Root also works well in healthy, long lived subjects unlike resveratrol which only seems to be effective for those who are unhealthy and/or overfed. Resveratrol fits into a group known as polyphenols which are thought to have many antioxidant properties. They are commonly used to combat heart disease and cancer as well as a number of other degenerative disorders.

Golden Root enhances the lifespan in addition to the effects of dietary restriction. This compound increased lifespan in both genders and in several species of flies by 24% on the average. It was also found to measurably delay loss of physical performance. The properties of Golden Root were found to shield the cells of both humans and flies from oxidative stress.

Researchers are not trying to claim that Golden Root supplements will help humans live longer; however, these discoveries are scientifically significant. These discoveries lend a great deal of understanding of exactly how supplements work to promote longevity in the body. Some of the other known effects of Rhodiola are increasing energy while decreasing fatigue; boosting mood and memory; and preventing altitude or mountain sickness.

Mahtab Jafari, who holds positions such as Associate Professor and Pharmaceutical Sciences Director at the University of California, was the lead scientist of this particular study. The UC research team is continuing to study the effects of Rhodiola and believes this plant has exciting potential to effectively and efficiently destroy cancer cells. They are also researching its ability to incite and stimulate stem cell growth as well as improve the conditions of Alzheimer’s disease.

Golden Root may be purchased from websites all over the internet as well as in health food and other types of specialty stores. Jafari warns that many commercial products which were analyzed were not of adequate amounts of all of the powerful compounds. Levels of compounds has long been known to be directly related to the function of chemical.

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    Googled the above address given on the programme and can find nothing at that address.

    Please can you help, I’d love to learn about the detoxing fibre we’re supposed to take to support our liver.

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