Fighting Diseases From Living Foods

The Rising Cost of Eating Healthy in America

Eating healthy brings life to the body, but it also brings a pinch to the pocketbook. According to Health Affairs, choosing healthy foods is more expensive for families living in America. Individuals who desire to make changes and who are already facing economic hardship suffer from the rising costs.

Dietary Shortfalls

Dietary shortfalls exist according to the specific study results. Researchers found families seeking to follow the Dietary Guidelines for Americans will spend more money per year to include more calcium and dietary fiber in regular meal plans. Adding more potassium rich foods to the diet also places additional burdens on family budgets.

One thousand adults in Washington provided data during one research study. Simply to provide enough potassium-rich foods for one individual for one year will cost nearly $400. For a family of four, this one addition increases the food budget by $1600 for one year.

The rising costs of dairy products compared to recent years create more stress on family budgets, especially for those not consuming enough within the daily diet. Prices have nearly doubled in cost in recent years in many areas of the country. Then, add the need for Americans to eat more fiber.

According to the study, the average individual will spend at least $125 more per year to add sufficient dietary fiber to the diet. For a family of four, this is an additional $500 cost.

Hunger Statistics

According to Feeding America, over 40,000 households are considered “food insecure” in recent statistics. These families are eating less and are not eating nutritious meals. The charity organization also notes one-third of this number is children.

Supplements: Fighting Disease

One way to ensure the body is getting the nutrients needed is to add supplements. High-quality enhancements are important, especially when the body lacks in needed nutrients and minerals to function properly. Supplementation can help the body to fight infections and diseases which are strongly related to poor nutrition.

High-quality sustenance is important to living an ongoing healthy life. Adding high-grade supplementation is one solution to protect the health of individuals who are facing the ongoing “problem” of America’s rising food costs.







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