CDC Discovers New Link Between Vaccinations & Food Allergies

In a study at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), results reveal a link between food allergies and vaccinations given to children. Life-threatening reactions in children are possible. Gelatin (and other ingredients within) is often used in the creation of vaccinations which can cause the reaction.

An Increase in Food Allergies

Children are faced with an increase in allergies in the United States. Approximately eight percent (8%) of children now suffer from food allergies. In the past, the link between vaccinations and food allergy reactions were not investigated thoroughly or given much consideration. More recent information and confirmation is found in the Journal of Developing Drugs.

Food Protein Link

Decades of research study has confirmed the injection of food protein can lead to developing food allergies. Nearly one hundred years ago, one research study included injecting protein which caused the immune system to sensitize. Subsequent exposures caused allergic reactions in animals as well as humans.

Dr. Arumugham, an immunology expert, clearly points out the administration of multiple vaccinations at once further increases the risk involved. He also reminds the public vaccinations contain aluminum composites and other ingredients which create a predisposition toward developing additional allergies. Five common childhood vaccinations also include the main cancer causing ingredient found in Round-Up Herbicide.

A Call for Action

A call for urgent action towards the reformation of current vaccination policies is needed. Dr. Arumugham strongly suggests the removal of food proteins from all vaccines. He also highly suggests the removal of aluminum and other potentially dangerous ingredients from the vaccine mixtures. Furthermore, the immunology expert suggests adding food allergy warning labels to vaccine packaging.

A Serious Health Problem

Food allergies are becoming a serious health problem, and the evidence speaks clearly. Vaccinations are more dangerous than once believed. Protecting our children from all harm is important, even when it comes to vaccinations.



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    where is your safe fast to share with others? would you send me a link please. I am on morn. prayer call. Thanks for doing this Mary and Dr. Don.

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