You can easily establish a bitter-sweet relationship with Thanksgiving: As a family person you need a nice hangout that serves you and family great delicacies during your stay. This is only possible if your food is loaded with nutritious vegetable portions and your favorite delicacies, making it a moderate meal.

3 Delicious Recipes
Many chefs are working out new ways of preparing vegetable filled diets because of the numerous associated benefits; one of the ultimate shopping center for such foodstuffs is Stir Market, a Los Angeles food hall selling European-style food. This market sells specialty foods, and houses restaurants. Stir Market offers three major recipes courtesy of chief chef Chris Barnet and partner Jet Lila, customers can be served on the spot if they please. Come with all your people for a Thanksgiving dinner because you are guaranteed a healthy meal.

Lentil Salad and Roasted Beef with Ricotta Salata

Meal for six

Ricotta Salata

One cup lentils

Pepper and salt

Three fresh bay leaves

Olive oil

A quarter cup sherry vinegar

Five thyme springs

Two jumbo red beets – ideally with beet tops

Braise the lentils in clean water, thyme sprigs, and bay leaves, then lightly season with some sherry vinegar. Cook the lentils until tender but ensure they do not get starchy

Steam the beets until they soften up. Cool it at room temperature before peeling. Dice beets into three centimeter cubes then coarsely chop tops. Toss lentils, tops and beets together

Season with pepper, olive oil and salt, then cover with ricotta salata

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