Antibiotics Are Leading to Dangerous Superbugs

Antibiotics have been used for years to battle bacteria, but now the confrontational front is changing. Superbugs contain strains of bacteria which are now overcoming resistance to antibiotic therapy. The tide is shifting in favor of the superbug infections.

CDC: Global Health Crisis

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) sees the spread of superbug infections as a global health crisis. This is a time of spreading of serious infectious disease which is adding to an international threat to the health of all.

In many parts of creation, there are bacteria which are resistant to all known antibiotic therapies. According to the Review of Antimicrobial Resistance, it is estimated ten million people may die from superbug infections by the year 2050.

According to the CDC, every year at least two million individuals in the United States get a superbug infection. Sadly, nearly twenty-three thousand (23,000) individuals lose their lives. Recently, the United Nations Generally Assembly agreed to take a harmonized approach to the health crisis.

Spread Lessens Effectiveness of Other Treatments

If the spread of superbug infections is not halted, other medical treatments for patients may not be as effective. If change does not occur in this “war against superbug infections,” individuals who are awaiting organ transplants may be negatively affected. Others who are taking cancer chemotherapy may also suffer. Patients awaiting joint replacements will also be impacted.

Unneeded Antibiotic Prescriptions

In looking at antibiotic prescriptions written on a yearly basis in the US, almost one-third (1/3) of them are unnecessary according to the CDC. In real numbers, forty-seven million prescriptions are written each year in the United States which are not medically needed by patients. The unnecessary use of antibiotics (in humans & cattle) contribute to the superbug infection antibiotic resistance epidemic.

Seeking New Treatments

Scientists are feverishly seeking new treatments related to the fight against bacteria. Unfortunately, many pharmaceutical companies have stepped back from their research efforts. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), fifteen out of eighteen of the largest companies have left the search for a cure. Meanwhile, the battle against superbug infections continue.

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