New Breakthrough in Anti-Aging Treatments

Human skin cells are uniquely created and recently a new breakthrough is found which will affect anti-aging treatments of the future. Scientists in the United Kingdom have recognized a key metabolic enzyme.

“Batteries” of the Human Skin

The Journal of Investigative Dermatology published the findings concerning the enzyme which provides life to the skin. The activity of the mitochondrial complex II is found to decrease with the aging component of the skin. “Batteries” of the skin can run down over time, and this is where aging begins to occur.

Powerful Anti-Aging Treatments

The specific findings in this research study will open doors to powerful anti-aging treatments along with uniquely tailored cosmetic products. Ingredients may be used in the two to decrease the aging process.

Eventually, more understanding will be possible in how the organs of the body age based on this one finding. This will open doors to medical developments which will ward off age-related diseases as well as decrease cancer risks.

Decreased Bioenergy

Professor of Molecular Dermatology, Birch-Machin, and Dr. Bowman led the breakthrough study. Decreased bioenergy occurs in the body when the skin cell “batteries” run down. This is also where more free radical damage can occur in the skin.

The metabolic enzyme is key in the findings as it creates a hinge between the two processes of bioenergy. Now, science holds a specific biomarker which may be used for the development of new products which fight anti-aging.

Complex II

Complex II was measured during the study in twenty-seven (27) donors. The participants were from the age of six (6) to the age of seventy-two (72). Skin samples were taken from an area which is not sun-prone. The enzyme was applied on two different levels of the skin.

Research Findings

With age, Complex II decreases which affects the lower level of the skin. The amount of enzyme protein decreases with aging and it was only observed in one level of the skin (which proliferates, or multiplies).

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  1. susan grahan says:

    2 yrs ago I had a colonscopy. My 1st one 3 yrs ago went well. After my 2nd colonscopy, I had uncontrollable bouts of diarrhea. I was given medicine called Entergam for a couple of months and it seemed to work. Since then my diarrhea comes back without warning and I’ve tried a few probiotics but they are not helping. What else can I do ?

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