Study: Add this to Diet & Reduce Risk of Death by 22%

Enjoying life involves a variety of things including spending time with children (or grandchildren), being able to travel, or to enjoy simply life in general. Key health decisions impact the longevity of life, and many are simple to follow.

Digestive Tract Health

Studies continue to confirm healthy digestive tracts increase health and wellness in the individual. Recently, one study suggested eating sufficient fiber within the diet can indeed extend life. The end result of the study supports a healthy fiber intake reduces death related to cardiovascular issues, infectious diseases, and respiratory illnesses.

Information provided by the National Cancer Institute reveals more specific statistics within the study. One study which included nearly 220,000 people over a period of nine years offers continuing favorable data. A change in the diet can add years of life.

Decreasing Risk of Death

Eating a healthy amount of fiber every day helps to keep the digestive system working properly. Many studies suggest this one action alone decreases the risk of developing cancers, diabetes, and heart disease.

A fiber rich diet allows the body to absorb nutrients more efficiently. Soluble fibers “grab” water and becomes a gel-like substance. This mixture undergoes a fermenting process. Insoluble fibers also add bulk to the stool.

During the fermentation process of soluble fibers, the production of salubrious compounds results and this provides benefits for the body. Add this process to the presence of insoluble fiber in the digestive tract and the result includes more bulk, soft stools, and less time for food to be in the digestive tract.

Healthy Guidelines

Individuals who consume at least twenty-six (26) grams of fiber each day will potentially gain a 22% advantage of life over those who consume less. Individuals followed during the research study also decreased in health risks of heart diseases, lung issues, and their bodies were able to resist infectious ailments.

Although the federal government recommends people to consume twenty-eight (28) grams of fiber in a day on a 2,000 calorie program, many in America do not consume a sufficient amount of dietary fiber. Youth obesity rates are on the rise and seem strongly related to decreased fiber intake adding to the current health epidemic which for the most part can be avoided by making healthy decisions.


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