9 Simple Changes to Decrease Chronic Disease

Some of the most popular foods, medicines, and drinks can increase chronic disease due to their negative influence on good gut bacteria. When the gut does not contain enough good bacteria, chronic disease can set in creating havoc on the body.

85/15 Gut Bacteria

Good gut bacteria should far outnumber the bad. As a general rule, the gut should hold 85% good bacteria as compared to only 15% bad bacteria. This is needed for optimal health and continued wellness.

4 Pounds of Gut Bacteria

Did you know the human body typically holds four pounds of gut bacteria? This is why it is so important to make the right choices to promote the best health possible. Consuming foods which are dosed with chemicals including heavy glutens, sugars, and hydrogenated GM oils is dangerous for the body.

Severely Compromised

Many individuals walk around with severely compromised guts, and their bodies are working overtime to get rid of the toxins. The negative health effect is a compromised immune system which does not promote wellness and opens the door to chronic disease.

The Wrong Choices

Are you making the wrong choices when it comes to your own personal health? Consider avoiding these nine popular foods/items which impact your overall gut health. Each one of these destroys good gut bacteria within.

1. Vaccinations – The body works very hard to recover its immunity when dealing with vaccinations and flu shots. For example, the flu shot contains mercury, embalming fluids, and heavy metal toxins.

2. Prescription Medications – Prescription medications are chemicals, and they do have a negative impact on gut health. Major health complications can arise from consuming too many prescription meds. If possible, consider natural alternatives.

3. Sodas – Soda contains phosphoric acid and destroys good bacteria in the gut. This is true for regular sugar loaded soda as well as diet versions. Consider drinking more high-quality water for improved health.

4. Bleached Foods – Foods which are “bleached” have a negative impact on the body in a variety of ways, including within the gut. Bleached foods include white pasta, white sugar, white bread, white flour, and so forth.

5. Tap Water – Tap water contains bleach and is considered “fluoridated” for our health. The challenge lies in the fact that it is not good for our health. Fluoride added to water (and toothpaste) is imported from China, and it holds toxic insecticides.

6. GMOs – GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are not healthy for the body. They are loaded with pesticides and may hold genetically modified pathogens as well as modified floras.

7. Glyphosate – Glyphosate is found in weed killers, and the popular Roundup contains fifty percent (50%). This ingredient is known to be very lethal and causes cancer. It is also sprayed heavily on grains before being placed in silos.

8. Splenda (sucralose) – Splenda is a popular alternative for sugar, but it holds its own demise when desiring optimal health. Medically, sucralose causes inflammation in the liver and shrinks the thymus (immune system organ).

9. Cheap Supplements – Choosing cheap supplements is unhealthy for the body as they often contain heavy metal toxins. Adding high-quality natural nutritional supplements is a must for the best health possible.

Choosing Healthy Options for the Gut

Choosing healthy options for the gut is highly important. By making the right choices, this allows the body to function properly and become stronger. When the body is strong, it can fight diseases and provide long life.

The Best Options: Consider avoiding these nine popular categories discussed. Add mostly raw veggies and fruits to menu plans. Eliminate most processed foods from the diet. Choose organic foods as much as possible. Drink plenty of high-quality water. Include only high-quality supplements in the diet and then you will find greater health along with an enhanced quality of life!


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    Thank you doctor – I enjoy your website! I’m from South Africa!

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    Thank you dear man for giving so much of your knowledge and self to others for the good of humanity! God Bless you, always …

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    Thank you doctor for your advice.God bless you so much.

  4. Please publish or write more on psoriasis. Thank you. We love you and your wife

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