9 Natural & Surprising Ways To Ease Pain

Over one hundred fifteen million people suffer from chronic pain. The number of sufferers grows every day, so finding natural ways to lessen the impact on health is definitely needed. Here are some expected and surprising ways to effectively manage the pain.

1. Using Natural Talent & Abilities

Each individual holds natural talents and abilities. When chronic pain plagues the individual, the person is less likely to use their gifts and facilities. Data from Gallup reveals those who use such natural talents (even while in pain) are less likely to sense physical discomfort. More than one hundred twenty thousand (120,000) interviews were used within this specific data analysis.

2. Take the Time to Laugh

Laughter is good “medicine” for the body. It may not take away all the discomfort, but it does hold many health endorsing properties. Laughing relieves stress, burns calories, and can add to longevity. During times of laughter, “feel good” chemicals are released in the body which can naturally ease the pain.

3. Choose to Quit Smoking

Choose to quit smoking and follow through with the decision to promote better health. Studies reveal those suffering from spinal pain who do not smoke, often have less chronic pain. Smoking can cause many issues with health, including a risk of increased pain due to spinal disc challenges.

4. Minimize Stress Levels

When the body is stressed, physical responses include increased breathing rate, amplified muscle tension, and the heart works harder. Individuals in pain also hold the same response. The more stressed an individual is, the more the body releases cortisol (stress hormone) into the bloodstream. Research studies reveal higher levels of cortisol leads to increased susceptibility to pain. Try various forms of relaxation (meditation, massage, resting) to minimize stress levels.

5. Take an Afternoon Nap

Taking an afternoon nap can help to ease chronic pain in the body. Some studies reveal individuals who gained more sleep held more pain tolerance when compared to sleep-deprived individuals. People who gain sufficient sleep also protect the memory, gain a better mood and are healthier.

6. Enter a Satisfying Relationship

Couples who are involved in a satisfying relationship live longer. They hold lower levels of stress while warding off disease more easily. Falling in love also helps lower chronic pain levels naturally. Longer term satisfying relationships increase the benefits of health proportionally. Research studies reveal sexually active individuals also suffer less from chronic pain.

7. Exercise Relieves Pain

Many individuals avoid exercise while in pain, but studies show carefully exercising relieves pain. Endorphins (natural pain killers) are released during exercise sessions. Movement also lowers cytokines in the body which increase inflammatory responses.

8. Listen to Uplifting Music

The distraction of the mind can decrease chronic pain. Individuals who listen to uplifting music, play games, or challenge the memory hold less pain sensation in the body. One study reveals participants who listened to one hour of music a day reported 10-20% less pain.

9. Eating Healthy

Choosing the right foods in the diet can decrease chronic pain levels. Although some inflammation actual helps the body to heal, chronic inflammation holds the opposite effect on health. Chronic inflammation increases the likelihood of developing cancers and a number of diseases. A daily menu plan similar to the Mediterranean diet should include fruits, veggies, and omega 3 rich foods to provide the most optimal health benefits, including decreasing chronic pain.

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  1. John Tanimowo says:

    Well done Dr Colbert, carry on the good work- may the anointing on you ever increase for the glory of God in Jesus’ name!

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