9 Natural Remedies for Killing Intestinal Parasites

Intestine parasites can be ingested through the foods we eat as well as in the water we consume. These parasites can live within the body; they love to adhere to the inside wall of the intestines. Meats which are not cooked properly is one source of infection. Drinking water can also be infected with these creatures. Left unchecked, these parasites can create damage within the body.

Natural Ways to Kill Intestinal Parasites

Natural Ways to Kill Intestinal Parasites

Another concern is that of worms within the human intestines. Surprisingly, individuals can go for years without knowing they even have the worms. Symptoms may occur as soon as a few weeks which include fatigue, weakness, problems sleeping, and weight loss. Other abdominal symptoms may be present including dissension of the belly, foul smelling gas, and watery bowel movements.

Naturally Safe Options

There are naturally safe options to use at home which are useful in gaining control over intestinal parasites along with intestinal worms. Here are some of those options used by many with favorable results:

Garlic Cloves

Garlic can do wonders when it comes to treating intestinal worms. The garlic and the oils it releases are good for home treatment. Crust cloves of garlic and apply this to the skin. The body will naturally absorb the oils and transport it in to the blood stream. The recommended use is three cloves upon arising in the early of the day for several days.

Lemony Spearmint

Daily drink a mixture of eight ounces of spearmint juice along with two to four ounces (to taste) of lemon juice. Add a small amount of black salt to this mixture.

Pumpkin Seed Delight

Adding pumpkin seeds to your diet on a daily basis can help to paralyze mature worms within the body. This allows the worms to be moved out of the bowels more easily since they are unable to cling to their prey.

Pineapple Fruit

Pineapple fruit is a great food item to add to the diet to help rid the body of tape worms. This is mainly due to the bromelain enzymes which help with digestion in the body.

Turmeric (Powder or Juice)

For the fight against intestinal worms, turmeric can be used in a couple of ways. First, the powder form can be added to eight ounces of buttermilk. Second, the juice form can be added to some water to drink. Using these methods to supplement create wonderful benefits for the body.

Fresh Coconut

Fresh coconut can be added to the breakfast meal. The best way to do this is to eat three teaspoons of freshly grown meat of the coconut. At lunch time (approx. 3 hrs. later), drink a glass of luke-warm milk with six teaspoons of oil castor added.

Seeds of the Papaya

The seeds of the papaya which are black in color can help the body to rid itself of intestinal parasites. Oftentimes, we throw the dark seeds away when preparing the fruit to eat. Simply, create a paste out of the crushed seeds to be consumed, while eating the fruit.

Cloves & Onion

Onion juice is naturally sulfuric and it can be used to treat worms of the intestine. Two times daily, consume two teaspoons for fourteen days. Cloves can also be used in home treatments by eating around three cloves each day.



  1. Laveta Dryden says:

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  2. Ceola Tiller says:

    Thank you for this article. You always bring ideas that I be thinking about. I would also like to know about hair growth. What foods and nutrients contribute toward healthy hair growth. Thank you so much.

  3. Renstia Cumbie says:

    Dr. Colbert, I thank you and your wonderful wife Mary for all that you do in the medical community to help God’s people. The information that you provided on worms of the intestine is so very helpful. My 6 year old twins has worms and I will surely put those tips to use. May God continue to use you to help the body of Christ without any drugs.

  4. Martha Goertzen says:

    Can you please advise to me what I can take to get ride of parasites ,

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