8 Foods To Avoid On A Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic, or keto, diets are becoming popular for weight loss. They are also being used to prevent medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes (type 2), and cardiovascular challenges. This method of “dieting” includes specific foods which are lower in carbs with a higher fat content.

In order to gain the most benefit of following a keto diet, it is important to understand the foods to avoid:

1. Avoid Diet Sodas

Drinking diet sodas may sound a like a good thing on a keto diet. Each individual will react differently to the addition in the diet, and the drink really does not hold any nutritive value. Besides not being a good choice, it is possible drinking diet soda during keto will interrupt the ketosis process.

2. Avoid Low-Carb Sweets

Most low-carb sweets are considered processed foods and public information is misleading in the sweets “claim” to be a better choice. Low-carb sweets are often loaded with carbs in smaller amounts, and when consumed through the day, the number counts will add up sabotaging the ketosis method.

3. Avoid Processed Foods

Besides holding health risks, processed foods should be avoided when following a ketogenic diet. Food colorings in products may include crushed bugs, and some breads are processed with duck feathers. Choosing natural foods is a much healthier option, especially when trying to lose weight.

4. Avoid Alcohol

Some alcohol products like beer contain higher amounts of carbs. Other alcohol drinks may not contain carbs, but provide immediate “fuel” for the body to burn. This moves the “fat burn” process away from fat stores, therefore slowing down the weight loss process.

5. Avoid Other Fluids

Sodas should also be avoided due to their high content of sugar and carbs. Choosing water during a keto diet will help flush the body of the breakdown of fat stores and maintain hydration.

6. Avoid Fruits

Although fruits are healthy, eating them during a ketogenic diet can cause challenges with losing weight successfully since they are high in carbs. Here is a sample of fruits to avoid: bananas, peaches, grapes, apricots, rhubarb, and watermelon. Olives should also be avoided during keto.

7. Avoid Certain Veggies

Vegetables which grow under the grown are typically higher in carbohydrates. Some of these foods include potatoes, carrots, and onions. Peppers, tomatoes, and peas should also be removed from a keto diet.

8. Avoid Grains

While following a ketogenic diet, it is important to avoid grains which are loaded with carbs. Some of the selections to avoid include breads, cakes, pastas, pastries, and other flour-based foods. Rice should also be added to the list of foods to stay away from as well as any form of breading/coating on foods.


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  1. Sharon Oakes says:

    I agree with and understand the first seven items on the list. However I thought brown rice in small quantities would be good. Am I wrong about it?

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