7 Natural Remedies for the Common Cold

Medical experts believe one reason people “catch colds” during this time of year is due to staying inside a greater number of hours each day. Air within the home and office is recirculated which can contain viruses, then enter the body causing unwanted symptoms.

7 Natural Remedies for the Common Cold

With cooler weather, comes cooler temperatures. This includes outside temps as well as the temperature of our bodies. One medical theory related to the common cold believes the rhino virus can grow with greater ease in cooler temperatures. Therefore, we become more susceptible to catching the common cold during this season.

For many people with a head cold, the first thing they think to do is to reach for the cold medicines in the medicine cabinet. With all the advertisements presented to us through radio commercials, television advertisements, and such we typically forget there are natural therapies available for body. More importantly, natural therapies can aim to the root cause of the problem being more effective.

Inhaling Steam

Do you remember the days when your mother would have a pot of water boiling on the stove? And she would carefully inhale the steam? This is a great way to provide fast soothing relief to a stuffy head cold. If desirable, a couple drops of peppermint can also be added to the hot water to provide a more pleasant experience.

Stay Hydrated

During the cooler winter months, the body needs to stay hydrated and it is very essential to daily function. If an individual is dealing with sinus issues, an increased consumption of clear water will help to thin mucous and allow it to drain more freely. Avoid sugared beverages, alcohols, and caffeine during this time.

Eat Spicy Foods

Eating spicy foods can also increase the body’s ability to thin mucous and allow it to drain more freely. Adding a small amount of cayenne pepper to dishes will help. Or, add a small amount of horse radish or wasabi. Recipes with apple cider vinegar can also be helpful.

Neti Pot Rinses

A Neti pot rinse can be used to clear the sinus cavities. A mixture of salt water is used and added to the Neti pot. Then, it is used to pour into the sinus cavity clearing it of mucous and unwanted impurities.

Grapefruit Extract Spray

Another natural way to provide relief to inflamed sinuses is to use a grapefruit extract spray which clears the sinus cavities. This natural mixture also provides a microbial preventative. Proper administration of this is needed for most effective results.

Turmeric & Ginger Combinations

Turmeric is known for its natural ability to fight inflammation within the body. It is also well known for holding anti-oxidant properties which are needed. Some natural teas use turmeric as well as ginger in combination, which are known to help with sinus congestion. Ginger also helps to calm a troubled stomach which may accompany the common cold.

Gentle Facial Massage

One of the most relaxing ways to get over the common cold is to have a gentle facial massage. Pressure points can be gently massaged to provide relief of congestion as well as allowing more free breathing. And, what a great way to end the long day!

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