7 Cancer-Fighting Foods

The immune system is uniquely created to help the body to produce life naturally. The system is created with enzymes, proteins, and a coding coordination which will come against cancer cells within the body. Keeping the immune system healthy is important so it will function the way God created it to function.

8 Cancer Fighting Foods

The natural fight against cancer within the body is taking place minute by minute. A healthy system will allow the body to eliminate any invading cells. The best way to keep a healthy system in check is to consume the right foods. Foods consumed should also be free of toxins and chemicals. Otherwise, the system will be damaged and cancers can grow within us.

Let’s discuss seven foods which will help the body to naturally destroy cancer and produce healthy living:

1. Green Tea

Green tea offers some wonderful health benefits for the body. The drink holds plant flavonoids which are known as catechins. South Korean studies of the catechins show promising results in preventing cancers. Green tea is a great daily supplement which provides life giving health benefits.

2. Broccoli & Cruciferous Veggies

Cruciferous vegetables are wonderful for the body and include broccoli, collard greens, kale, turnips, cabbage, arugula, and cauliflower. All of these veggies are loaded with carotenoids and they offer biologically active compounds which naturally fight against cancer cells. The active ingredients also help to prevent damage to DNA.

3. Nutritional & Medicinal Mushrooms

Mushrooms which are considered high in nutrition and carry medicinal properties provide anti-viral and anti-cancer benefits for individuals. There are approximately fifty different species of mushrooms within this category. Extractions created for consumption also enhance the immune system’s response. Medicinal mushrooms also offer anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Garlic

Garlic is another favorite which helps the body to naturally fight against cancer cells. Studies published in Cancer Prevention Research conclude the diallyl sulfide found in garlic holds powerful preventatives for the body. Other scientific studies also hold these compounds have the ability to eliminate cancer cells.

Garlic also contains allicin which actually gives the food its flavor and smell. Allicin is found to be one of the world’s most potent anti-oxidants providing huge health benefits. Interestingly, the compound has to de-compose before the benefit is seen. Then, the profits to the body provided are truly amazing.

5. Tumeric & Curcumin

Tumeric holds very strong anti-oxidant powers for the body. Tumeric contains curcumin which naturally reduces swelling, eases arthritis symptoms, and helps the immune system run properly. A study conducted in Munich found curcumin prevents cancer metastases (spreading) within the body.

6. Sea Veggies

Sea vegetables offers a variety of health benefits to the body including the decrease of inflammation and prevents the development of cancer within the colon. Sea veggies include arame, Nori, kombu, hijiki, kelp, and wakame. All provide a great source of minerals for the body.

Women who consume sea vegetables on a regular basis have less estrogen secretion during their cycles. Medical science is interested in how the sea vegetable can impact breast cancer which is estrogen-related.

7. Spirulina & Chlorella

Research studies have found spirulina also helps to prevent breast cancer in patients. This alga is known to help with a number of health conditions and it is linked to weight loss. Spirulina is a superfood which helps the body to work correctly.

Chorella is an alga which holds tremendous health reimbursements for persons. This carotenoid is great for detoxing the body from pollutants and it also aids the physique in carrying oxygen to tissues. Cancer cannot grow when cells are fully oxygenized.


  1. Rita M Hennington says:

    I would like more information on
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    • Dr. Don Colbert says:

      Hi Rita,
      Spirulina and chlorella can be found in our Fermented Green Supremefood! Our Natural Progesterone Cream would also be great for your sleepless nights and weight gain due to menopause. For more information on these products, please call 407-732-6952 and one of our representatives would be happy to help you. You can also view these products online at http://www.shop.drcolbert.com.

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