6 Important Reasons to Consume More Fermented Foods

Naturally preserving foods through the process of fermentation provides an assortment of health gains. Using this process of food preservation goes back even to biblical times. Fermented foods allowed families to keep harvests for seasons of time and it was essential to their survival.

6 Important Reasons to Consume Fermented Foods

Healthy Bacteria

Many are unaware the process of fermentation uses healthy bacteria. During the process, the food is transformed holding probiotic supplementation. The foods’ digestibility also increases dramatically as well as its vitamin content. The process results are truly amazing!

Probiotic Benefits Abound

The probiotic benefits of fermenting foods abound and studies prove the health benefits are overflowing. In turn, this is helping to provide a “healthy gut” which a good number of us so desperately need:

  • Bifidobacterial has medically shown to help decrease the number of cases in patches of necrosis within the intestine in young children. The patches are known to create persistent digestion problems.
  • Different “strains” of probiotics are known to help decrease digestive complaints in individuals. Probiotics help with irritable bowel syndromes, infectious diarrheas, and inflammatory bowel diseases.
  • Lactobacillus plantarum is known to help reduce inflammation of the bowels, help irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, and aid patients with HIV to increase immune system response. This ingredient is also known to help prevent bacterial over growth in children.
  • Animal studies conducted show lactobacillus acidophilus is useful for preventing polyps within the colon. It is also shown to help prevent colon cancers as well as adenomas.

Greater Nutritional Value

Studies reveal the fermenting process somehow magically increases the vitamin content of the food items. Foods are enriched by using this simple process of preservation and this increases the health benefits gained in this lifetime.

More Easily Digestible

Fermented type foods are more easily digestible and this is primarily due to their probiotic contents. The body is able to also break down harder to digest portions of the food itself. Eating naturally fermented foods will help the body to digest while providing the probiotic benefit.

More Safe to Eat

E coli scares are in the news on an ongoing basis it seems. With consuming fermented foods, there is not the concern of e coli contaminated vegetables (which cannot be easily cooked at higher temperatures). Fermenting is definitely a solution to the problem.

One study conducted at the USDA Fd. Science Research Unit found lactic acid in fermented cucumbers competed against the e coli bacteria during the fermenting process. This is wonderful news and shows one way how the fermenting process is highly efficient.

Slowly Making Changes

For some, the concept of consuming foods fermented is new. Slowly making changes is better than not making changes at all. Finding one food item to add to the daily, or weekly, food menus is a plus. Taking time to experiment for tastes is also good for the family.

The final goal for the family should be to find ways to include these healthy fruits and vegetables in the daily diet. The health benefits gained from this one lifestyle change can truly be amazing and is well worth the adventure!


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