5 Tips for A Successful Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet can jumpstart weight loss and improve the overall health of the individual. The diet can seem restrictive when facing old habits which need replaced with newer, healthier habits. Here are five necessary tips to make the process most successful:

1. Successful Monitoring – Use a Food Scale

A food scale is a very valuable tool which can improve the success of following the keto diet. This kitchen tool helps to monitor the amount of food being put into the body. Eating the correct proportions is very important to success.

When choosing a kitchen scale, consider the following important features:

  • Conversion button – This feature allows the individual to convert units (ex. grams, ounces). With the option to convert units, time in the kitchen is much less with the added convenience of quick conversions.
  • Manual shutoff – When using the kitchen scales with an automatic shutoff for a longer period of time, this can become very frustrating. Seek one with the option of manual shutoff, or a much longer timed auto shutoff feature.
  • Reset function – This feature allows the individual to add a bowl (or plate) on top of the scales to “add ingredients” into while being able to weigh foods accurately. The “tare function” permits the user to reset the scales to zero after adding an empty bowl or plate to the scale.
  • Easy cleaning – Some kitchen scales come with removable plates which allow for easier cleaning. Scales without the feature can begin to harbor “bits” of leftover foods from weeks past.

2. Keto-Friendly Carbs

In our society, carbs are packed in nearly everything bought at the store. Creating new habits while following the ketogenic diet are needed. Adding only keto-friendly carbs is necessary for success.

Cauliflower fried rice is a wonderful alternative for those who enjoy Chinese foods. Spices can be added to make the food taste very similar to “taking out” Chinese.

For those who really love pasta, there are perfect alternatives available for those following the keto diet. Consider trying shirataki noodles (made from Asian yams) which are very low carb. Spaghetti squash is also another nice alternative, although it should be consumed in smaller amounts.

3. Dairy Alternatives

For some individuals who enjoy dairy products, changes are needed to follow the ketogenic method of eating. Small amounts of cream can be added to the diet. A better option is to add coconut milk in place of traditional dairy.

4. Low-Carb Breads

Adding breads to the keto diet should be minimal. Although, from time to time one may desire to have a healthy sandwich. There are a few advices which will help to “satisfy” the need to have bread.

Consider creating your own low carb bread or low carb tortillas. Each should only contain three to five (3-5) net carbs per serving. These can be used to create quick wraps on the go. If purchasing low carb bread options, be sure to read the labels to choose the healthiest options.

5. Using Protein Powder

Protein powder can be used in recipes when cooking something “sweet.” It can be used to create healthy versions of cookies, cakes, and pastries. Powders come in a number of flavors which can be added to foods like cottage cheese or plain yogurt.

Some protein powders come with additives, artificial sweeteners, and hormones. Servings should be limited due to these reasons. Eating plenty of other keto-friendly foods with little to no carbs will provide the most optimal health results over time.



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  1. Joe Green says:

    Love this info. This has been a great lifestyle change for me and I have lost a lot of weight on it.

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