3 Truly Amazing Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

Although the ketogenic diet has stirred much controversy, there are some truly amazing benefits for health which cannot be disputed. The regime was originally created for patients with a history of epilepsy. Researchers at John Hopkins Medical Center found this type of “dietary fasting” decreased the number of epileptic episodes’ patients endured.

Full fasting can only be maintained for a short duration of time. The ketogenic diet offers a way which allows the body to “think” it is fasting while providing wonderful health benefits. The method also helps the body to lose unwanted pounds, fights against cancer and helps Alzheimer’s patients.

Some of the Benefits of the Keto Diet

  • Ketogenic diets help improve many different chronic health issues.
  • One of the greatest benefits of the keto diet is weight loss due to increased burning of stored fat while insulin levels are lowered.
  • Following a keto diet can help fight (and prevent) cancer cells.
  • The dietary method is used to treat and reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s indicators.
  • The method is excellent for individuals with type 2 diabetes who are not dependent on insulin injections.
  • The diet does not raise cholesterol levels, nor increase risk for heart disease (due to inflammation).

The Basics Process of the Ketogenic Diet

While following the keto diet, the body enters a metabolic state known as ketosis. During this state, the body uses ketones for energy instead of glucose. Fat burn is increased during this amplified metabolism process. Glucose stores in the body are “used up” during the first twenty-four hours of ketosis causing the body to switch to stored fat to maintain energy.

Medical studies support the overall health benefits seen in patients following the ketogenic diet. The diet method can be used safely for shorter periods of time (3-6 months) for those needing to lose weight. The research reveals there is definite benefit for cancer patients and Alzheimer’s patients.

Three Truly Amazing Benefits

1. Slows & Prevents Cancer – Since cancer feeds off of sugar, eliminating it from the diet helps to slow and prevent the cancer. The normal cells in the body are able to use fat stores for needed energy (cancer cells cannot). Eliminating carbs is also needed for true effectiveness.

The typical ketogenic diet contains only five percent (5%) of carbs along with twenty percent (20%) protein, and seventy-five percent (75%) fat. These amounts can vary slightly and still provide the patient with a natural means of cancer treatment results. The final result is cancer cells eventually starve to death.

2. Increases Weight Loss – The ketogenic method eliminates “stored” carbohydrates, decreases insulin levels, and allows the body to burn unwanted pounds. During normal eating, the body releases insulin which signals the “storage” of energy; first glycogen, then fat. The ketogenic process not only burns the fat consumed, but the “fat storage” on the hips, abdomen, and body.

A modified keto diet can provide great results for those seeking to lose weight. These individuals can consume coconut oil for the best fat option, and add raw dairy products, nuts, seeds, as well as organic proteins. Following a diet of thirty percent (30%) carbs, thirty percent (30%) protein, and forty percent (40%) fat will help increase the metabolic state of burning fat stores.

3. Natural Treatment for Alzheimer’s – The keto diet is used to treat and stop the symptoms of dementia as well as Alzheimer’s in patients. In both medical situations, the brain’s nervous system degenerates. The brain must have around seventy percent (70%) healthy fat to provided needed support for optimal function. Fatty acids are also needed for healthy brain function.

Healthy Fats to Add on a Keto Diet

The ketogenic regime is a great way to improve one’s health. When starting on the journey to improved health with this method, consider adding the following healthy fats:

  • Healthy saturated fats – including coconut oil
  • Omega-3 fatty acids – including salmon, flaxseeds, and chia seeds
  • Healthy omega-9 fatty acids – including olive oil, almonds, sprouted seeds and nuts

The ketogenic diet can be safely used for three to six months’ time. Always discuss dietary changes with a physician if there are any health concerns to address.


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