3 Healthy Snacks To Burn Belly Fat

Healthy snacks in the diet are important to burning belly fat. Keeping belly fat at a minimum will decrease health risks for each individual. Following a regular exercise program, along with choosing healthy dietary choices, will provide a healthy advantage for living.

Belly Fat Increases Inflammation

Belly fat formation includes increasing visceral fat which accumulates within the abdominal wall. This layer then surrounds the internal organs, secreting compounds which in turn raise inflammation levels within the body. With the increase of inflammation levels, risks of disease related to obesity rise. Burning belly fat is needed to gain and maintain optimal health.

1. Choose Nuts & Seeds

According to a research study published in the Journal of American Heart Association, adding almonds to the diet may help the body to lose weight. The study included two groups: group one ate one and one-half ounces of almonds daily, while the other group ate a muffin (with same caloric intake) daily. Fourteen days later, the individuals who included almonds lost more body fat overall. Their blood cholesterol levels also decreased.

Eating nuts and seeds may be beneficial to burning belly fat over time. Nutritional intake will also increase for the individuals including these foods. For example, almonds include needed minerals like magnesium as well as phosphorus which benefits the heart.

When including various seeds and nuts, it is important to eat smaller portions due to the number of calories they may hold. For example, one and one-half ounce of almonds contains 250 calories. The same portion of pecans provides close to 300 calories.

2. Add Veggies & Fruits

Any healthy weight loss plan should include a variety of veggies and fruits. Individuals who eat more of these fibrous foods tend to have lower amounts of body fat as well as smaller waist sizes (as compared to those who do not eat fruits/vegetables regularly).

Research studies published in PLoS One reveals a diet high in nutritious fruits and veggies help to prevent bulging bellies in individuals. The foods are lower in calories and can be enjoyed with meals and as snacks throughout the day.

One fresh, large carrot only contains thirty (30) calories. The food is crunchy and satisfies the need to “chew.” Carrot sticks can be eaten raw, added to salads, or dipped in hummus. Likewise, one medium apple contains one-hundred (100) calories, while a banana supplies the same number of calories.

3. Green Tea

Green tea is nearly calorie-free, and it offers benefits for individuals who seek to lose weight. The tea contains phytochemicals (catechins) which may help to decrease body fat, according to the Journal of Nutrition.

The specific study included over one-hundred (100) adult participants who were overweight. Group one included a green tea beverage in their diet. Group two included a beverage which did not provide any catechins or natural caffeine. At the end of three months, group one participants lost more belly fat which included subcutaneous fat (the visible fat in the midsection).

Green tea is a wonderful addition to the diet; drinking the tea in a smoothie will be more filling. The nutritional value of the smoothie will be increased as well providing extra health benefits.

Tips for Belly Burn Snacking

Planning ahead is an important element to any successful weight loss plan. Having belly burning snacks available on hand will help prevent the temptation to eat unhealthy, calorie packed, counter-options (junk foods). Furthermore, choosing healthy options (nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies) will provide lower calorie intake as well as increased nutritional value for each day.

Fresh fruits and veggies offer wonderful choices for snacks. Also, pre-measured amounts of nuts/seeds can be easily carried anywhere you go. Always having a healthy choice in sight will help keep the unhealthy choices away while burning the belly fat away!

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