10 Warning Signs You Have Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural process of healing which takes place in the body. When one experiences a cold, the running nose and fever is a sign of inflammation. When another individual scrapes their knee, the skin will turn red and hot – another sign of inflammation.

Unhealthy, Chronic Inflammation

Many individuals have chronic inflammation in the body, and they are unaware of their condition. Chronic inflammation in the body is not healthy. The immune system in this situation gets set to “on” permanently. The result is the body continues to flood the system with chemicals which damage, and not heal. This process can be likened to a forest fire which is always blazing and never goes out.

Chronic Inflammation & Modern Diseases

Medical studies reveal chronic inflammation is linked to modern diseases. These diseases include heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancers, stroke, obesity, and diabetes. Chronic inflammation leaves individuals feeling tired, depressed, and in trouble.

Markers for inflammation can be measured through a blood test for C-reactive protein. Blood “levels” will be determined within the test results. Here are some clues which will also determine if one is living with chronic inflammation.

Ten Signs of Chronic Inflammation

1. “Spare Tire” Around the Waist – Individuals who develop a “spare tire” around the waistline are usually dealing with high levels of chronic inflammation. The fat cells in the abdomen churn increasing amounts of harmful chemicals. The more belly fat, the more harmful chemicals released into the body. According to Dr. Libby, belly fat is the hotbed of inflammation.

2. Increased Glucose Levels – Another indicator of increasing amounts of inflammation within the body is an increased level of blood glucose. When blood glucose increases, cytokines circulate within the bloodstream which directly affect inflammation levels. This also increases the amount of other destructive molecules within the body.

3. More Digestive Problems – Individuals which experience more digestive problems may be suffering from an inflamed gut. The intestines can also “leak” toxins into the blood stream which causes whole body inflammation.

4. Ongoing Fatigue – People who are tired all the time may be suffering from chronic inflammation. Cells which are inflamed are not healthy, and they cannot produce energy efficiently. The end result is being “tired” all the time.

5. Brain Fog – Inflammation affects how well the brain is working. When the chemistry of the brain is not functioning properly, it can be a direct result of chronic inflammation (affecting how one feels and thinks). Chronic irritation can also lead to increased depression and anxiety.

6. Growing Skin Challenges – Chronic inflammation within the body often results in skin rashes and blotchy skin. It can also lead to eczema and psoriasis. An external sign of skin challenges can be a red flag of “internal inflammatory fire.”

7. Allergies – Allergies can be a sign of inflammation, especially if they are ongoing. Itchy watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, itchy skin can be a sign of chronic inflammation within the body.

8. Puffy Face & Eyes – Individuals with a puffy face, puffy eyes, or even “bags” under the eyes may be dealing with chronic inflammation internally.

9. Gum Disease – People suffering from gum disease may also be fighting chronic inflammation. Gum disease includes redness of gums, bleeding gums, and an abnormal taste in the mouth.

10. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in Men – Men suffering from ED may have an underlying chronic inflammatory condition.

Healing Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation can be controlled by making lifestyle changes. Removing high inflammation foods (sugars, grains) from the diet is one step. The next step is including more lean protein in the diet along with veggies and healthy fats. Include daily exercise to help tame the chronic inflammation monster. Include plenty of sleep in the nightly routine of rest. Decrease stressors in life by using meditation. Through consistent, simple changes in the “way of living,” chronic inflammation will decrease in the body.



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