10 Signs Your Body Needs A Detox

Have you not been feeling well lately? Do you have symptoms which don’t seem to go away no matter what you try to do? How do you truly know your body needs to detoxify?

Our bodies are faced with numerous toxins (internal & external) every day and routine cleansing through detox provides a method to “give the body a break” and allows it to recover naturally.

Often times, the body will begin to display symptoms a change is needed. It will naturally speak through various conditions or ailments. Listening to the body is very important, and when symptoms are occurring more frequently, it is probably time to detoxify to live a healthier life!

Let us explore the signs and symptoms involved in this natural process:

1. Lower Energy Levels – When you wake in the morning with lower energy levels after sleeping through the night, this can be a sign you need to detoxify especially if you stay “drained” through the day.

Drinking caffeine-loaded energy drinks will only exacerbate the problem you are facing. Many of these drinks are loaded with stimulants which in the end will only make you more tired, let alone they are hard on the liver.

If you suffer from lower energy levels, consider doing a colon cleanse which will help the body to get rid of toxins and body waste. The end result will be the feeling of lightness and better health.

2. Bouts of Constipation – Individuals who suffer from bouts of constipation could be showing signs of toxic overload in the body. This symptom is more than likely a “sign” things are not right in the gut. This can happen even if you have increased intake of fiber, followed by plenty of water.

Waste can accumulate in the bowels over time. This can include impacted fecal materials which are not healthy for the body. Constipation can be a sign of a greater issue. Colon cleanses followed by the intake of healthy fruits and veggies (both raw) can give the body what it truly needs. Give the body a break from “unhealthy” foods, such as fried items and processed foods.

3. Inability to Focus – Americans are faced with different toxins day in and day out. As the pollutants “build up” in the body, the inability to focus can begin to appear. The body will naturally cry out for help. Toxins, including heavy metals and candida, are removed during a proper colon cleanse.

4. Increased Depression – Depression in the body can result from eating the improper foods as well as when the body becomes full of toxins. These bad chemicals will also block the body from receiving the nutrients it so desperately needs. If you feel you are suffering from clinical depression, be sure to consult your primary physician.

5. Weight GainWeight gain, or the inability to lose needed weight, can also be a sign of the body needing a natural detoxification. Even with adding healthy foods, toxins in the body can keep it from functioning properly. The body must hold the ability to absorb healthy nutrients and minerals. Detoxification may be the key to your success.

6. Inability to Sleep – If the body holds an excessive amount of toxins, it may not fully gain the sleep it needs. The “natural sleep cycle” of the body can be affected by the imbalance present within.

Melatonin naturally signals the body to sleep peacefully. If toxins are present, the proper amount of “melatonin release” can be hindered by toxic substances. Therefore, the body does not get the sleep it needs to renew, heal naturally, and rest peacefully on a regular basis.

7. Increased Headaches – Sometimes, headaches come from stress, noise, or even allergies. Toxin build-up within the body can also produce symptoms of head pain. For individuals who suffer from daily headaches which have no apparent cause, their bodies may be exhibiting signs of the need to detoxify.

8. Stiff & Sore Muscles – After a good night’s sleep, each person should wake up to feeling great and ready to start the day. Many wake up after sleeping through the night, only to find they are stiff and sore for no apparent reason. This is a sure sign the body needs to release toxins which become “stored up” within; toxins can also increase the likelihood of developing inflammation.

9. Unclear Skin & Allergies – The skin which contains blemishes and rashes can be an outward symptom of poisonous build up in the body. Allergies can also be another indication the body displays when it cannot handle more toxins entering. Individuals who try topical solutions with no success probably need to flush the body by detox.

10. Sexual Dysfunction – Sexual challenges can also be a sign detox is needed. The body desires to be free of pollutants to function properly, even sexually. Instead of turning to prescriptions, consider a natural solution to improve sexual accomplishments. Detoxification can be the answer to the daily symptoms occurring physically and mentally. Now is the time for a change!


Dr. Colbert recommends his 21 Day Detox to flush out toxins and replenish it with vital nutrients. For more information on the 21 Day Detox, please click here.

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  1. Beverly Wiley says:

    Like what I have read. Many symptoms point to problems. I would like to know more about the proper diet My weight has remained the same for over a year and it is hard to reduce eventh through exercise .

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